North Kerry Home Maintenance Service – Who We Are?

North Kerry Home Maintenance Service was established as a result of meetings held with Active Retirement Groups in the North & East Kerry area and were designed to find out what the real needs of the community were, as identified by the people themselves, and to develop appropriate services and actions to alleviate these needs. The project aims to make home repairs affordable, allowing the target group to live independently in their own homes in a safe and secure environment. .

The types of jobs carried out by the service include grass cutting, hedge trimming, cleaning gutters, power washing driveways, window cleaning, small painting jobs, repairing broken windows and other small DIY tasks were identified as ones that posed challenges for those who struggle to maintain their homes themselves, or do not have a reliable person to complete these chores.

North Kerry Home Maintenance service is managed by North & East Kerry Development and employs eight maintenance workers who provide this service. An Advisory Committee, which comprises of representatives from groups such as the local Family Resource Centre, SVP, and Active Retirement Groups is in place to advice and support the service and in turn maintains the vision of the service and that it stays close to its client base.


Over the seven years that the service has been running, a very positive relationship has developed between the employees, the clients and the local community. We are proactive in ensuring all staff are fully informed on additional services available to older people and will signpost clients where necessary.


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