Laptop Loan Scheme

Laptop Loan Scheme NEWKD


As much educational activity has moved online during Covid-19 NEWKD Robert Carey (Area & Programme Manager) was contacted by people asking where they could access a laptop as they or their children needed a laptop for school or college work. Many families are under pressure to support students with online learning or homework support and a lack of digital device is causing stress and proving to be a barrier for some students.



Using SICAP funding NEWKD purchased a number of laptops, devised a “Service User Agreement” and started loaning out laptops. Unfortunately demand outstripped supply and therefore we approached Tralee Chamber Alliance to see if companies would like to donate to the scheme. The Chamber agreed and we advertised the scheme and over the next few weeks we received a number of laptops which enabled us to loan them out to target groups with a variety of needs.


Donated laptops have to be “cleaned” for GDPR purposes and in cases where updates are needed we are working in Partnership the “Tech Company” to clean and upgrade the laptops


The loans were of benefit across a number of Groups, helping 3rd Level Students to complete exams, younger students to complete homework and adults doing short courses. Homes now need a number of devices and may have none. The maximum amount of a loan period is a school/college year. Demand has increased with lockdown and currently we have a waiting list. We cannot take any more requests and therefore would like to put out a call for more donations from either homes or business.

Ideally donated laptops should have been in working order and perhaps slowed down and in need of upgrading.


Contact for the Laptop Loan Scheme: email:

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