Our staff have been redeployed…

Our staff have been redeployed to essential services such as delivery runs, meals on wheels and helplines.  This was a delivery dropped to Listowel Family Resource Centre who are making up food hampers for distribution. #listowel #community #support #kerry

Smart Psychology Update Wed 1st April

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Service Update

Our offices will remain closed to the public until at least the 29th March. Our staff are available on their mobiles or by email in the meantime.

Service Announcement for NEWKD

Press Release Embargo: Immediate Release   Service Announcement for NEWKD   In light of the current situation with Covid-19/Corona Virus, NEWKD will close our public offices for the period outlined by An Taoiseach, up to 29th March 2020. Our staff, in as much as where possible, will be working during this period and will be […]