Tralee Community Drugs Initiative

Programme Aim

The Tralee Community Drugs Initiative works with young people, aged 15-25yrs, (and their families) who are displaying signs of problematic drug use.  We work with the young person (and their families) both on a one-one and group basis to help them to address whatever problems they might be experiencing because of their alcohol/drug use.

The project was established in September 2006 and is funded by the Southern Regional Task Force and managed by NEKD.

Service provided to young people:

  • One-to-one counseling
  •  Brief intervention
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Alcohol and drug assessment.
  • Support and advocacy
  • Information and referral service

(Each client is assessed to determine whether there is an alcohol or drug issue.  If the clients is suitable for the project and is willing to engage then they are helped – through the methods listed above – to address whatever problems they are experiencing with alcohol/drugs.  A client centered approach is used, to engages with the client at whatever stage the client is at, for example, whether the client is motivated to stop using, or wishes to continue their current use, or wants to cut down their use.)

Service provided to families:

  • One-to-one counseling
  • Family support group – weekly support group for parents who have a child in addiction
  • Information and advice
  • A referral service
  • Drug testing

How to make a referral?

Contact the Community Drugs Worker either by phone, mobile or email.


To find out more about the service please contact our Drugs Worker


Role Name Office Base Telephone Email
Community Drugs Worker Gemma Hilario Tralee 087 6708702
066 7180190